I’m super psyched for this weekend! I’m going to NYC and I planned this trip with 2 goals:

1. To meet the people at charity: water.

2. To meet the people at Pencils of Promise.

And I’m going to be doing both! Friday morning, I’m meeting the awesome people at charity: water and hopefully get closer to bringing a charity: water event to Toronto.

Friday afternoon, I’m visiting the some more awesome people at Pencils of Promise. PoP is a non-profit for-purpose organization that I discovered only a few months ago. PoP builds schools in Laos, Nicaragua and Guatamala, and they also follow the 100% model. They’re a budding organization, but they have a lot of momentum, a lot of brilliant people behind them, and a wildly supportive community.

Both organizations have a lot of fuel and a lot of energy behind them, and I’m just totally psyched to meet the team!

  • Jul 12
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